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Wisdom n.1 experience and knowledge together with the power of applying them;
2 prudence, common sense;
3 wise sayings.

Examples of Thebics Wisdom applied

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How Thebics wisdom can work for you

  • Evaluation, redesign and optimisation of business processes to achieve cost reductions, increased revenue, timeliness and/or reliability
  • Business case preparation, project planning, project management and reporting, to ensure that projects deliver the planned benefits to the business in a timely and cost efficient manner
  • Development of strategies and plans for the achievement of business goals through the pragmatic and cost effective use of information technology
  • Definition, review and improvement of customer service and call centre processes, technologies and operations, and
  • Definition and review of business requirements for new applications to ensure clarity of definition and relevance to the business
  • Assistance with Request for Proposal, selection, contract negotiation and implementation to ensure that the most appropriate solution is selected and implemented
  • Programme Directorship services to ensure that multiple projects are successfully managed and completed
  • Review of IT departments to gain cost reductions and/or performance and productivity improvements
  • Development and review of e-business strategies and initiatives to ensure practical supply chain and business value chain efficiencies
  • Definition and review of IT architectures and integration opportunities
  • Assistance with planning for business continuity and disaster recovery.

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