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"I believe in asking the hard questions at the beginning, knowing that the answers may be the last thing the client wants to hear."

Mike Hogg, Director of Thebics, explains his approach to business

"We don't want to be all things to all people. That's a promise no one in their right mind can keep. We focus on a key range of skills designed to assist business change."

Denis Parkinson, Director of Thebics, discusses his consulting philosophy


As a private, 100% New Zealand-owned business, Thebics is managed by its founding directors Denis Parkinson and Mike Hogg.

DenisDenis Parkinson
Director, Thebics Consulting

"I'm proud to present the depth of services Thebics delivers because it involves a team of very talented professionals that I trust. This is a company that is respected for its quality of services, with an open, client-focused approach, known for our integrity and honesty."

Denis has a substantial history in New Zealand's business and information systems consultancy industry. Former Managing Director of Azimuth Systems (Auckland) Limited, Auckland Manager and Manager Consultancy Services of Azimuth Consulting Limited, and Regional Account Manager of SeraNova New Zealand Limited (Azimuth's successor), Denis' earlier career was in consulting, IS management and systems development.

"I moved from consulting to consultancy management as I found the client interaction to be broader in scope and more interesting, letting you be creative in what you offer, and challenged by the task of exploration and discovery of where you can help the client."

MikeMike Hogg
Director, Thebics Consulting

"I believe in asking the hard questions at the beginning, knowing the answers may be the last thing the client wants to hear. But once you've established that arena of honesty, you can move into achieving results for them in ways that are not always expected."

Mike Hogg has over 35 years experience in IT, and has held several senior roles within the information systems industry. Mike's tenure of Chief Operating Officer and General Manager roles have enhanced his experience, adding Sales, Marketing and Business Development to an already impressive skill set.

Mike is a founding member of The Project Management Institute of New Zealand (PMI) and highly respected for his Project Management mentoring and direction for both clients and colleagues.

His enthusiastic mentoring and leadership of his teams, and his focus on business outcomes, has led to the success of many large, complex and political projects throughout his career.

"Sometimes being upfront with a client means you don't get the assignment. But you can walk away knowing that you've been honest. I know I can look a client directly in the eye when I say that we'll look after their project and mean it."

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